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Are Chiropractic Treatment Effective For Migraine?

Mar 18

Migraines sufferers know the devastation this condition has on their daily lives. Migraine can trigger severe headaches, light and sound sensitivities, nausea, and can make it difficult to keep up with your daily routine. There are a variety of treatments for migraines, but many people do not know if chiropractic treatments is effective. Let's review of what the research says.

There isn't any conclusive proof that chiropractic care is able to alleviate migraine headaches. Certain studies have however demonstrated that it is more effective than other medications that are prescribed to prevent the condition.

According to research from 2011, chiropractors may be able help prevent migraines. According to research published in the year 2011, chiropractic is a different and complementary treatment that addresses the bones, muscles and nerves, as well as the joints, as well as supporting them.

As a result, migraine sufferers may require the assistance from a chiropractor who is well-versed in the treatment of accompanying symptoms such as stiffness and neck pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), soft tissue treatments and adjustments to the spine are options along with advice on eating habits, exercise and lifestyle.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation in the United States, 39.5 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Individuals aged between 18 and 44 are most susceptible.

Continue reading to learn more about the way chiropractors performs, how secure it is during pregnancy, and the effectiveness for migraines.


How A Chiropractor Is Able To Help Me?

There is no treatment for migraine, and the medications prescribed by doctors for treatment have serious adverse effects. A lot of people turn to alternative therapies, such as chiropractic, to relieve migraine.

The signs and symptoms of migraine headaches may differ, neck pain is reported by more than 75% of those affected. Many sufferers report muscle tightness, stiffness in the necks, and problems with their jaw function.

Doctors commonly prescribe anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal medications such as muscle relaxants and physical therapy to alleviate the symptoms of these diseases. These treatments do not address the root cause of the symptoms. These symptoms can be treated by a chiropractor, who may also alleviate the condition that is causing it.

There is a limited but encouraging body of evidence which supports chiropractic treatments for migraine headaches. Clinical investigations back to 2011 show that migraine headaches are decreased by chiropractic spinal adjustments, massage therapy and physical therapy.

Preventive medications such as propranolol (Inderal) and topiramate (Adipex) could be as beneficial as more recent therapy, based on the findings (Topamax). However, the analysis found flaws in the clinical trials. This led the authors to request for further research that adhered to strict clinical protocols.

Although most chiropractors treat migraine headaches using chiropractic treatments, there's no evidence to support this practice.

A survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 1 869 chiropractors were asked about their experiences with dealing with and treating migraines. The findings revealed that 53% of the chiropractors who were surveyed had a significant number of migraine sufferers.


How Does It All Works?

Through adjustments to the spine, chiropractors can reduce the strain on the spine, which can alleviate migraine headaches. Soft tissue therapies can also be part of the treatment plan.

  • Massage that involves the kneading of muscles and joints.
  • A technique called myofascial release massage focuses on the connective and supportive tissues between muscles.
  • Treatments that target tense muscle regions, such as trigger point therapy.


According to the ACA Chiropractic treatment for migraine headaches includes lifestyle guidelines for managing migraine headaches like:

  • It is also suggested to boost one's diet and take B-complex vitamins.
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise and promotion of low-impact exercise and walking.
  • Assistance with workplace issues such as proper sitting posture.


Chiropractic care also offers suggestions on how to prevent migraine headaches. There are many ways to prevent headaches. For instance you could offer tips for avoiding tooth clenching or remind patients to drink plenty of water every throughout the day (another headache trigger).

The treatment for migraines is provided by chiropractors to alleviate discomfort and increase the neuromuscular performance. Although experts have no idea how this treatment works, they believe it is due to its intricate nature. Reduced muscle tension as an example, has been shown to help alleviate musculoskeletal pain.


Chiropractic Care For Migraine Relief During Pregnancy.

Preventive drug side effects are a source of worry for some professionals, who fear that they could affect the health of the woman who is pregnant and the unborn child.

Women who are pregnant could benefit from complementary therapies such as chiropractic.

There were only a handful of studies done on the utility of chiropractic for pregnant women with migraines. However, this may be based upon an older 2009 case study.



There isn't any evidence-based research to prove this the chiropractic treatment of migraines during pregnancy is believed to be safe and effective. One case study has revealed the benefits of chiropractic treatment, but with some limitations since it is not able to provide long-term results or track patients throughout their lives, yet it suggests an exciting future for research on how effectively they can relieve discomfort without causing harmful unwanted side effects, as other drugs do. Talk to your doctor for migraine treatment if you are suffering from it.



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