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Feb 10

Martial arts is a great way to lose weight. Training with martial arts is less boring than traditional workouts such as running, swimming or lifting weights. For every hour of training in martial arts like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you can burn as many as 1000 calories. However, you may only burn about a hundred calories after running for an hour or lifting weights.

Contrary to other workouts, which can become monotonous over time, learning a Martial Art never feels like it is. Each class is different, so you always look forward to the next lesson.

Martial Arts can help you lose weight

Are you ready to be a stronger, leaner version of yourself? If you are interested in learning martial arts, here are five things to do.

Find the Right Martial Art for You

Because they all have different training methods, not all martial arts are created equal. Muay Thai, for example, has a challenging curriculum that pushes students to the limits. Tai Chi, on the other hand, has a more relaxed curriculum that focuses more on flowing techniques as well as the spiritual side.

Find a martial arts program that offers a great workout if you are interested in losing weight. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai are just a few examples of martial arts that can burn nearly 1000 calories per hour.

Find what works best for you, and then commit to improving your skills. Try out different martial arts to find the style that suits you best. Peak Kickboxing, a martial art training center, offers free introductory classes and the opportunity to learn different styles of fighting.

Set goals

After you've found the right martial art for you, you can start setting goals for your fitness. Your body weight is not the best indicator of your fitness. It is better to concentrate on metrics like your body fat percentage, which can give a clearer picture about how healthy you are.

Craft An Appropriate Diet Plan

A simple formula to lose weight is to eat fewer calories per day than your body requires. This will force your body to use your fat stores as energy. This is the main role that most fat in your body plays. Your body uses fat to store energy for when your primary energy source has run out. This is why fat builds up in our bodies. It's our body’s way to prepare for the days when we might not be able to eat enough.

Weight loss is possible with a low-carb diet. Intermittent fasting can also be helpful. Consider the various diets available and ensure they are appropriate for your lifestyle. If you meet with family members often on Sundays for a meal, you will want a diet that allows you to cheat so that you can keep the family tradition alive.

Keep track of your progress

Many martial arts use a belt ranking system to track your progress as you rise through the ranks. To ensure that all your hard work is paying off, you should also keep track of your weight loss. You should track key metrics such as your body fat percentage, total and skeletal weights, among others. To ensure you are following a healthy diet, you should also track how many calories you consume each day. Counting calories is easy with the many free apps that are available.

Enjoy the Process and Reward

Martial arts often become a way of life. Keep your eyes on your weight loss journey but remember to have fun.

Martial arts can also improve flexibility, balance, reflexes, and other physical attributes. You will be transformed into your best self, so you can enjoy all the benefits of training and still reach your weight loss goals.

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